The motion created by Queen as an element of popular culture

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The motion created by Queen as an element of popular culture

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Mass and local culture can’t exist without each other. The interaction between both types of cultures never stops. The main purpose of our study is to reflect the relationship between local and popular culture using the example of the world famous British rock-band Queen and their popular motion from the song “We will rock you” in particular.

The origin of an idea is always closely connected with the historical part of culture. The famous dance, which has spread around the world and now unites a huge number of people, has its deep historical and ethnic roots. The repeated motion around a singing man can be found among the Celtic tribes who lived on the British Isles. Later those motions were used by the Irish. And now Irish dances are also famous all over the world. It all was many centuries ago. But the transformed elements of folk dances can still be found in the mass culture of nowadays: cinema, theatre and music.

Based on all those facts, it is necessary to identify the objectives of our study:

1) to explore the popular motions used in the song “We will rock you”;

2) to trace the interaction of local Celtic and Irish dances with the motions used by Queen;

3) to show the interaction between Queen's motions and modern popular culture.

Queen created their famous motion in 1977 for the song "We will rock you." Queen's single became popular very quickly. And people start using this motion in all areas of world mass culture: cinema, television series, theatre, advertising. Also it is commonly used in various sports events.

Traditional Irish and Celtic dances were based on rhythmic, repetitive foot movements around the singer. This created a special energy and replaced the music.

To prove our theory, we want to demonstrate that even in our country this motion will be familiar to you, even if you are not fans of this group. (* движение).


-Popular culture brings its elements to local culture - we all know this motion and we use it in many different spheres of culture (sports, cinema, etc.)

-Mass culture is based on elements of local culture – at first the dance around the singer was an element of local Celtic culture.

-Thus, we traced the interconnection and interaction of local and mass cultures on the example of the famous Queen motion of the song “We will rock you”.

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