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XII Международный конкурс научно-исследовательских и творческих работ учащихся
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About Myself

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Hi! My name is Daniil. I am ten. I am not English. I am Russian. I am tall, my hair is dark and short, my eyes are blue. I am a schoolboy. I am in the fourth form. I’m a good pupil.

I have a family: a mother, a father, a grandmother, a grandfather and a little sister. My mother’s name is Marina. She is thirty-five. She is an employee. My father’s name is Sergey. He is thirty-nine. He is a chief. My grandmother’s name is Lyudmila. She is sixty-five. She is a pensioner. My grandfather’s name is Nikolay. He is seventy. He is a watchman. My little sister’s name is Vika. She is four. She does not go to school, she goes to kindergarten. We have a pet. It is a little dog. Its name is Rex. It is brown. It has got a long tail. Rex is not old. It is one year old. Rex is clever. It likes to run, to jump and to play with a ball. I love my family.

We live in a house. Our house is big. It has two floors. It has five rooms, one bathroom, a hall and a kitchen. On the ground floor there is a living room, а dinning room and a kitchen. On the first floor there are three bedrooms. We also have a hall with two sofas, a TV-set and two armchairs. I like my house very much.

I have a friend. His name is Sasha. Sasha is ten. He is a schoolboy too. He is my classmate. We like to play together at school and at home. We are good friends.

I am happy to be me and to live with my family in Russia.

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