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As you know, success in life depends on the job you choose. There are a lot of people who believe that a person should be paid well rather than having a job he likes. In my opinion, they are wrong because an interesting job is more valuable than a high salary. I believe that most people want to have a job they like doing. 

But there is another problem. Our society is changing quickly that’s why its needs are changing too. Those jobs, that were popular twenty years ago, ten years ago, nowadays are disappearing. The same time we see many new professions that need new skills and knowledge. So today’s students should get ready to choose the professions and learn things they need in their adult life. They should be taught what kind of jobs will be in great demand in ten years and what special subjects they have to study.

As we all can see, the information technologies have been developing very quickly during last twenty years. This progress is astonishing. So I am interested in computers and I understand that the professions related to programming and information technologies are necessary in our time and will be required in future. 

I have been interested in computing for two years. I always wanted to know who had started the computer technology race, the history of computing, the leading companies on the market and the future of the job of a programmer.

What do my classmates think about that?  What do my classmates know about leading software and computer developers? What do they think about their future? 

I made a survey in one of the social networks on the topics: “What do you know about the profession of a programmer?” and “What do you know about the Intel Company?”

The results of my survey were disappointing for me.  I found out that:

only 2 people know that the profession is in demand; 

4 people know that a programmer is the profession of the future; 

10 people know that the Intel make processors for computers; 

2 people heard about the company and 2 people do not know the Intel at all.

I was upset that few people had accepted in the survey so I came to the conclusion that most of my classmates were not interested in this profession, and I wanted to change their mind.

I believe that my project is necessary nowadays. It can help students to choose their future jobs and try to learn what they really need for it. I will tell the students about the profession of a programmer on the example of Intel and Microsoft.

My aim is to explore the profession market and make a list of future jobs for my generation. Also, I’ll try to make a list of skills and school subjects, that will be in demand in future professions. 

I will achieve my aim using sources on the Internet. 

The tasks of the work include:

to conduct a survey on the topic of programmer and analyze the results;

to study related literature and search the information on the Internet about the history of computing;

to find out the meaning of the computing terms; 

to explore the information about the leading companies of computer programming on the Internet;

to collect information about the job of a programmer and the  professions related to programming; 

to help children choose a profession and give some advice


       I’m sure the history of the programming is amazing and can attract everyone who is interested in it.

It is difficult to say when a person first thought about the ability to program, i.e. create a device that could perform a certain type of work according to a predetermined algorithm. Some scientists believe it was a music box and a barrel organ. The music program was recorded on a rotating shaft. It was the same principle of the binary system, as on a punched card: the sound was reproduced by a ledge on the shaft ("cam"), if there was no ledge - there was no sound. In addition, the barrel organ provided for changing programs and had 6-8 programmed melodies.

    The first programmable device is considered to be a jacquard loom, built in 1804 by Joseph Marie Jacquard.

The first programmable computing device, the Analytical Engine, was developed by Charles Babbage.

July 19, 1843 Augusta Ada Byron, daughter of the great English poet George Byron, wrote the first program in the history of mankind for the Analytical Machine.

 This program solved the Bernoulli equation expressing the law of conservation of energy of a moving fluid.

 Augusta Ada Byron is considered to be the honorary first programmer. History retained her name in the name of the universal programming language “Ada”.The first working programmable computer (1941), the first programs for it, as well as the first high-level programming language Plankalkьl, were created by German engineer Konrad Zuse.                           



Historically, technology has been one of the most innovative and high growth sectors in a country’s economy. Software companies today operate on many different business models and provide a wide array of products and services. There are software license sales, maintenance services, subscription fees, support services, and more.

Across the technology industry, innovative developments are helping services from software companies to become faster and more productive for the customer than ever. Through the internet and cloud technology software companies are offering a broader array of options through the concept.

Through cloud technology, customers can more easily pay a regular subscription fee to immediately access software through the internet on the provider’s server.

Among the World's Top Software Companies Intel Сcompany and Microsoft (MSFT) are the most famous.These companies are on the cusp of the newest and brightest technologies in each of their specialty areas with solid revenues supporting their activities which help to make them top stock investments.

Intel Сcompany

One of the leading companies on the IT market is Intel, founded by Gordon Moore in 1968 (later joined by Andy Grove who is known for developing an OKR  - corporate governance method that is effectively used in management.

The company did not immediately succeed. Only in 1971, when the Intel began cooperation with the Japanese company Busicom, the company developed a universal microprocessor Intel 4004.

In the 1990s, the company became the largest developer of processes for personal computers.

The Intel has made a significant contribution to the development of computer technology.

Specifications for a variety of ports, buses, standards, and command systems were developed with the participation of Intel or its entire staff. For example, the type of DDR memory became known thanks to Intel.

namedatenumber of transistorscostdistinctive featureprocessor

4004 15 November 1971 2300 transistors

200 $was comparable to the first computer ENIACprocessor

8008April 1972 6000 transistors200 $could address 64 kb of memoryManagers.

People who made the company successful.

Robert Noyce1968—1975 Gordon Moore1975—1979 Andrew Grove

1979—1997 Craig R. Barrett1997—2002 Paul Otellini2002—2013 Rene James 2013—2015 Brian Matthew Krzanich 2013—2018

Intel in Russia

In the Russian Federation, the company has three R&D centers - in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Nizhny Novgorod.

In addition to research, in Russia there are a number of successful programs in the field of corporate social responsibility, especially in the field of school and university education.

In particular, it works with universities in order to improve qualifications among students and teachers in the areas of scientific research, as well as in the field of technological entrepreneurship.

In general, the corporation's activities in the field of education are aimed at raising the level of institutions interested in the development and promotion of modern educational technologies. Intel is actively working on the Intel Involved corporate volunteering program; more than 40 percent of the company's full-time employees are volunteers helping the local community.

Under the Intel® Learning for the Future program, from 2002 to the present, in Russia more than a million school teachers and students of pedagogical universities have been trained on how to integrate ICT elements into curricula. The initiative, announced in 2000 only in a number of US states, today covers more than 10 million teachers from more than 40 countries

In 2004, with the assistance of the Russian division of Intel, the Department of Microprocessor Technologies at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was opened (head of the department is B. A. Babayan, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of Architecture, Intel and Software and Services Group (SSG)). The department prepares masters in the development of new computing tools and technologies. On April 7, 2006, the Intel Training and Research Laboratory was opened at Novosibirsk State University

In 2011, the company celebrated the 20th anniversary of Intel in the Russian Federation and the CIS. In honor of this event, a large partnership conference was held at the Skolkovo School of Management in Moscow with the participation of company management 

In the summer of 2015, the company opened a laboratory for the development of solutions for the “Internet of things” in Moscow.

Microsoft Company

Microsoft is the world leader in software. Sales are more than twice its next closest competitor at $103.3 billion. It specializes in desktop processing services for companies and individuals through its familiar Microsoft Office Suite. It is also leading in cloud enterprise technology through Azure which is a top infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering.

Microsoft's history dates back to 1975, when two young specialists Bill Gates and Paul Allen came up with and developed the Basic language interpreter for the new, recently released Altair computer. They quickly signed an agreement with the developers of the computer and in the first year they were able to make a profit of one million dollars.

In 1978, the first international subsidiary of Microsoft was opened in Japan. What was a significant breakthrough in the work?

In 1981, the company was able to buy a DOS operating system and modify it for IBM (the new name MSDOS appeared, which stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System). Which led them to success.

There is a legend that Bill Gates took the idea of ??a window operating system from Steve Jobs. The fact is that Jobs was the first to introduce the graphical interface of the operating system, which allows you to drag and drop data from one window to another using the mouse. However, Jobs himself borrowed this idea from Xerox.

In 1985, Microsoft released its most famous product - Microsoft Windows version 1.0. It was a graphical shell for DOS (not yet an operating system). In the same year, Microsoft began to develop a fundamentally new OS / 2 operating system for IBM computers. The event required a lot of resources.

In 1987, Microsoft introduced its OS / 2 operating system. The company also invested in the development of office applications.

Since 1990, the release of the Windows operating system began (not just a graphic add-in, but a full-fledged OS). And the release of this product has led the company to tremendous success.

Windows is Microsoft's family of commercial operating systems (OCs) for managing graphical user interfaces.



As you see, I want to become a computer programmer because I am interested in computers. I believe it is a whole new world. Since my childhood I have been just a boy who likes computers, video games and program stuff. When I was 12 years old I made my first computer. Since then my mother has never asked for everyone to fix computers. I always do it. So I’m going to get an education at one of the universities in our country and became a programmer.

As a rule, young people continue careers of their parents or grandparents but it is not the case with me. My mother is a teacher and my father is a doctor. But I don't want to be neither a teacher nor a doctor.

My favourite subjects in school are mathematics, physics, and, of course, computer science. I am not interested in such subjects as geography, biology or chemistry. My hobby is computer games and computer programming.

I think that the profession of programmer can give many opportunities. Computers are the most rapidly changing sphere of modern technology. We are living in the age of information. And I think that the future is just filled with computers.

Today, in developed countries people can work, go shopping or even go on dates sitting at their computers. In our country you can see the same: we all live in the virtual world.  

So I have already decided that after leaving school I’ll enter the university. I want to become a programmer.

A programmer is a specialist engaged in the direct development of software for various kinds of computing and operating systems.


Application programmersSystems programmersMicrosoft suite of products (Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)macOSInternet browsers like Firefox, Safari, and ChromeMicrosoft WindowsComputer programmers often are grouped into two broad types: application programmers and systems programmers.

Application programmers write programs to handle a specific job, such as a program to track inventory within an organization. They also may revise existing packaged software or customize generic applications which are frequently purchased from independent software vendors. 

Systems programmers, in contrast, write programs to maintain and control computer systems software, such as operating systems and database management systems. These workers make changes in the instructions that determine how the network, workstations, and CPU of the system handle the various jobs they have been given and how they communicate with peripheral equipment such as printers and disk drives.

Interesting, isn’t it? So I want to show my classmates some areas where programing is a really perspective profession. Computers and soft are found everywhere and used in every sphere of life. In plant one can make a computer model of a car or plane and check its resistance to stress. Such calculations without а computer could have taken several months. Computer is used at school: children doo testes and exercises, watch films, presentations and web pages or make their own projects.

There are a lot of areas of our life where computing is needed.

There are some of them:


Software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software.

With technology, our world is becoming easier and more automated. And also there are more opportunities. For example, our houses and block of flats are designed by engineering programs. 

The construction of modern dwellings is impossible without programs. Building modern bridges, the engineers made with the computer programs. It’s easier, faster and convenient. For example, the bridge in the Crimea was designed and built in a year.

Smart home technology is now found in a wide range of household devices, including: Wireless speaker systems, Thermostats, Home security & monitoring systems, Domestic robots, Smoke/CO detectors, Lighting, Home energy use monitors, Door locks, Refrigerators, Laundry machines,Water detectors. 

All this helps to save your resources and time.

Entertainment (e.g. a game developer).

Lots of people are fond of watching modern movies with modern computer technologies. Many of them make their own films. Every day millions of pictures are loaded in the nets. Digital cameras are getting smaller, cheaper, and more powerful by the day. Our phones are turning from point-and-shoot cameras into 360-degree experiential recording devices. There are autonomous drones out there on the market already. All these devices need software.

Now games are more than just a fun. With the help of simulators, there is no difficulty in teaching a pilot to fly without landing him at the controls of an airplane. It is cheaper. 

A game developer or gamedev is a specialist engaged in the creation of program code, visualization and concept of the game, as well as the choice of tools for implementing the tasks.

Gamedev is a universal specialist who, after training, should be able to create animation, visual effects, the concept of the game, design, know the basics of modeling and jurisprudence. Yes, a developer who works on his own should not only be able to protect, but also patent a developed game or software for it 3) In the field of (finance) One of the most popular programming languages ??in the field of finance for many years is C. It needs to be know not only to support legacy code, but also to organize work with the API in electronic trading systems and exchange data with providers.


The computers can be used to store the information about the medicines determined to the patient. They facilitate storage of huge amounts of data. The computers help the scientists to access the Internet, which has become a main source of medical information in today’s society.

The computer store can serve as the best ways of housing medicine information, medical journals, research and diagnosis papers, grand medical documents and quotation books can be stored in the electronic format.

Doctors need the information about a patient’s family history, physical ailments, and already diagnosed diseases and prescribed medicinal drugs. This information can be stored in the computer database.

A lot of contemporary medical equipment have small, programmed computers. They work on pre-programmed directions. The functional of hospital-bed beeping systems, emergency alarm systems, X-ray machines and different medical conveniences is based on computer logic.

Computer software can be used for the examination of internal organs of the physical structure. It is also used for diagnosis of diseases. Advanced computer-based systems are used to analyze delicate organs of the body, some of the complex surgeries can be executed with the aid of computers. Many types of monitoring equipment in the hospitals are based on the computer programming.

The computers are used for the generation of 3-D images in medicine, magnetic resonance imaging employs computer software, computed tomography makes function of digital geometry processing techniques to get 3-D images.

Medical imaging conducts with the techniques to produce the images of the human body for medical purposes, many of the modern methods of scanning and imaging are based on the computer technology. The infrared cameras and sophisticated computers are used for obtaining high-resolution images .

Using computers and software in the medicine is being developed.

As you see, a programmer is in demand and will be needed in the future.

The above companies have made a great contribution to the future of our world. Without them, we would not be able to sit at good computers and stable OCs right now. And if we strive for programming and architecture of technology, we can better develop in other professions. From this we conclude that the programmer is gaining momentum in importance.


Everyone can see that programming is changing fast. The PC era is coming to an end.  The software developers now work with an explosion of devices, job functions, and problems that need different approaches from the single machine era. In our age of exploding data, the ability to do some kind of programming is increasingly important to every job, and programming is no longer the sole preserve of an engineering priesthood.

Look around your home. There are processors and programming in most every electronic device you have, which certainly puts your computer in a small minority. Not everybody will be engaged in programming for embedded devices, but many developers will certainly have to learn what it is to develop for a mobile phone. Computers will be used everywhere: in future cars, drones, glasses and smart construction.

As data and its analysis grow in importance, there’s a corresponding rise in use and popularity of languages that treat data as a first class citizen. Obviously, statistical languages such as R are rising on this tide, but within general purpose programming there’s a bias to languages such as Python or Clojure, which make data easier to manipulate.

Our future holds possibilities to the world of computing. Impressive achievements have already been attained by man, and even greater results are still in store. The merits of these advancements in computers is that they will see to the attainment of more major tasks that are currently either impossible or just requires too many resources. Inventions and innovations in computers are bound to make life easier in most aspects. One thing for sure is that a cloud of change is soon coming over computers in matters of sizes, shapes, storage capacity, processing speeds and connectivity thanks to science and technology.

I have been searching in the internet in order to find jobs connecting with computers and will be used in future. There is a list of them. As you can see, there are from different areas of human activity. That’s why I can sum up, the programmer is a future job. (APPENDIX 1)


To sup up, computers are everywhere now. They are needed more and more. It’s one of the most developing sciences in the world. People who will make software for future computing systems will be in demand.

A programmer must have a sharp mind, developed logic and attention. Since programming is developing rapidly all the time, it is necessary to be able to quickly adapt to new conditions and be prepared to constantly learn new technologies. Otherwise, his value as a professional will decrease over time.

Such qualities as independence, responsibility and initiative are important for any profession and programmers are no exception.

Another important and necessary requirement for a programmer is knowledge of English at the level of reading documentation and reference information in the original.

To enter a university, it is necessary to pass the exam in mathematics, the Russian language, computer science and ICT, physics, and the English language (4 out of 5 exams depending on specialization). In Moscow, you can get a programmer education in many educational organizations.

There is a list of them: APPENDIX 2


In conclusion I must say that programming is always being in demand in all spheres of human life – from school to the space technologies. People will use computers in banks, shops, entertainment, medicine, industry, engineering etc.

Future computers will use in space travel, communications, medical technology and practically every level of our day to day lives. And this future is not as far away as you may now think.

I believe the programmer is the job for future. If you want to be successful, in progress and earn enough money for life, you should try to become a programmer.                   


computer - an electronic device that is designed to work with Information.

computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program for accomplishing a specific computing result.

a punched card – is a piece of stiff paper (approximately equivalent to 100# card stock) that can be used to contain digital data.

a music box- an automatic musical instruments

information technology - the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data..

a programmer - A computer programmer, sometimes called more recently a coder (especially in more informal contexts), is a person who creates computer software. 

computer software -  program that enables a computer to perform a specific task, as opposed to the physical components of the system

CPU-the central processor of the computer (its brains), physically represents a large integrated circuit (microcircuit), in which various nodes are functionally represented

loom- set of frames with which the threads are woven into the fabric.

a barrel organ-A portable mechanical organ in the form of a drawer with a strap put on a shoulder, on which rumbled musicians performed popular songs.

a manager-hired Production Manager, Administrator; performance organizer



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?РусскийязыкEnglish ИКТ - Computing 1Проектировщик нейроинтерфейсовDesigner of neurointerfaces 2Кибертехник умных средCyber ??tech smart environments3Куратор информационной безопасностиInformation Security Curator4

Консультант по безопасности личного профиляPersonal Security Advisor5Разработчик моделей Big DataBig Data Model Developer6Сетевой юристNetwork lawyer7Архитектор информационных системInformation Systems ArchitectМедицина - Medicine 8Онлайн-терапевтOnline Therapist9Оператор удаленной хирургииRemote Surgery Operator10Эксперт по индивидуальной фармакологииIndividual Pharmacology Expert11Персональный менеджер по микробиому человекаPersonal Manager for Human Microbiome12Разработчик киберпротезов и имплантовDeveloper of cyber prosthetics and implants13Специалист по имплантам мозгаBrain Implant Specialist14Создатель частей тела и органовCreator of body parts and organs15 Инженер-генетикGenetic engineer16Специалист по биохакингу и программируемому здоровьюBiohacking and Programmable Health Specialist17Оператор медицинских роботовMedical Robot OperatorБиотехнологии - Biotechnology18Архитектор живых системLiving Systems Architect19Инженер в области синтетической биологииSynthetic Biology Engineer20Создатель микроорганизмов с заданными функциямиCreator of microorganisms with defined functions21Специалист по возрождению вымерших видовExtinction Species SpecialistСельское хозяйство - Agriculture22АгрокибернетикAgrocybernetics23Инженер по 3D-печати продуктов питания3D Food Printing Engineer 24Оператор автоматизированной сельхозтехникиAutomated Farm Operator25Сити-фермерCity Farmer26Специалист по искусственному выращиванию мясаArtificial Meat Specialist27Специалист по искусственному выращиванию мясаArtificial Meat SpecialistЭкология - Ecology28Оператор «умной» переработки мусораSmart Garbage Recycling Operator29Инженер по управлению погодойWeather management engineer30Специалист по изменению климатаClimate Change Specialist31 Эксперт по точному предсказанию землетрясенийEarthquake Precision Expert32Автозаправщик альтернативными видами топливаAlternative fuel tanker

Транспорт- Transport 33Разработчик «умных» дорогSmart Road Developer34Профессиональный пилот дронаProfessional drone pilot35Оператор автономных морских судовOperator of Autonomous Marine36Инструктор летающих автомобилейInstructor flying cars37Регулировщик движения беспилотного автотранспортаUnmanned traffic controller38 Юрист в сфере беспилотного транспортаUnmanned Vehicle Lawyer


Moscow Aviation Institute Faculty No. 3 "Control Systems, Informatics and Electric Power", Faculty No. 4 "Radio Electronics of Aircraft", Faculty No. 8 "Applied Mathematics and Physics"

Moscow State Technical University "MAMI" 

Moscow Academy of the Labor Market and Information Technology

Moscow State Technological University K.E. Tsiolkovsky Institute of Information Systems and Technologies

Moscow State Industrial University 

Moscow State Technical University N.E. Bauman, Faculty "Informatics and control systems"

Moscow State Technical University, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Engineering

Moscow State Technological University "Stankin", Faculty of Information Technology and Control Systems

Moscow State Technical University of Electronics and Informatics 

National Research Nuclear University ME Phi, Faculty of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Cybernetics and Information Security, Faculty of part-time education

National Research University "MIET" Faculty of Microdevices and Technical Cybernetics, Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technology, Faculty of Applied Information Technologies

Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics Faculty of Information Technology

Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics

National Research University Higher School of Economics MIEM, Faculty of Computer Science

17.Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

Faculty of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics, Faculty of Aeromechanics and Aircraft Engineering

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia Faculty of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

         Colleges, technical schools, schools:

College of Informatics and Programming of the Federal University under the Government of the Russian Federation 

Krasnogorsk College

Polytechnic College. N.N. Godovikova

University College of Information Technology. K.G. Razumovsky 

Moscow State College of Electromechanics and Information Technology)

In Saint-Petersburg:

Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design

Saint-Petersburg University of Economics Injacon

St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economics

Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen

St. Petersburg State Electro-Technical University

 Colleges, technical schools, schools:

St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. University Polytechnic College "Radio Polytechnic"

Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications named after Professor M. A. Bonch-Bruevich. St. Petersburg College of Telecommunications

St. Petersburg College of Information Technology

St. Petersburg Technical College of Management and Commerce

St. Petersburg Polytechnic College of Urban Economics


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