Способы изучения английского языка

XI Международный конкурс научно-исследовательских и творческих работ учащихся
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Способы изучения английского языка

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In our research work we are going to talk about learning English.

As you know English is a very important language that is used in almost all countries.

In a world of new technologies, different opportunities there co-exist two main ways of learning English. These methods are divided into "learning English in a traditional way (at schools), and "learning English on the Internet”.

The aim of my research is to find out which of them are more convenient and effective for learners of English.

In my research I examined both ways, and made certain conclusions for myself.

I also questioned my classmates and friends and found out their opinion. I took them into account in this work.

I am sure that the Internet has become an important part of our life. The Internet helps people find out information about the weather, communicate with their relatives,etc.
Students also consider the Internet as useful source for studies.
The Internet helps them to expand their knowledge in learning English.
They visit various sites that can test your language skills. But without the basic knowledge that we are taught at school, we will not be able to learn the language separately.

Methods of learning English

Traditional ways of learning English

Traditionally we begin learning English at school. Pupils need textbooks, workbooks, books for extra reading, and exercise books for successful learning. At school children are taught by teachers in the classrooms. They begin their learning from the alphabet and day by day they improve their reading, writing and learn different grammar rules. Pupils need to do a lot of homework as they have English lessons at schools almost every day.

Traditional way of learning English can be divided into several parts.

The first part is lessons at school.
  We get basic knowledge of English at school by having various tasks, translating texts, doing our homework, etc.

The second part includes such way of learning as elective courses.

They may be held at schools, after classes. Pupils get additional information, get for exams, and prepare for research works, competitions and so on.

The third way of learning is tutoring.

As you know, it isn’t free. A pupil studies personally with the teacher of English or any specialist in his free time. They may fix their basic knowledge and get new ones. Undoubtedly it is convenient for both person and a tutor, but it isn’t for everyone.

In my opinion, all traditional ways of learning English are important for everyone, because without basic knowledge you get at school, you will not be able to learn English on your own.

1.2. English on the Internet

Everybody knows that almost everything can be found in the Net. The same is with different educational sites, so one of the ways to learn English is with the help of hundreds sites.

Visiting these sites, I realized that without basic knowledge of English, you would hardly be able to do something.

I would like to take BBC site (http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/) as an example.For Russian users there is a Russian version. You can find tests, language podcasts, news in both translations and even special games there. Also there are sections in which you can find information for all occasions when you need English. BBC site is also available in your mobile phone, there is a mobile version. I find this site the most useful for Russian learners because it is an official world-known site, where you can find the latest information without mistakes.

Another example of sites is LinguaLeo http://lingualeo.com/ru#welcome

LinguaLeo ranks first place among the sites that teach English. It is very popular with people of all levels: elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced.The site contains multimedia materials, and various texts, or short stories to study. By the way, before you start learning a new material, you can look at its level of complexity and see if it suits you. This is very convenient, since some texts are too simple, and only bore you, rather than interest. Next I want to talk directly about the study material. The advantage is that if you stumble upon an incomprehensible word, you do not need to score it with a translator, you just need to click on the word and you will immediately be given a footnote with several meanings of the word, depending on the popularity rating of the translation among users. By the way, if you click on the translation, the word is automatically transferred to your personal dictionary in LinguaLeo.

SpokenSkills is also a very good site. (http://www.spokenskills.com/)

Educational platform for learning and practicing a foreign language, built on game mechanics.Spoken Skills is a website which students can use for listening practice. It not only gives students clear advice but it also gives them the opportunity to record and play back their voices so that they can compare them with the examples.

It also includes elements on Business English, Idioms, and English for Specific Purpose.

Social networks are another new and widely spread way how to learn English on-line nowadays. Registration in foreign social networks helps people to find friends abroad and improve their language. You can practice different foreign languages using social networks. It's more interesting and useful than spend time with books. With their help you will also know more about traditions and customs of the country.

There are groups to learn English in social networks, too. There are tasks with which you can improve your pronunciation, find a pen PAL, and prepare for exams. Such groups can be found in large numbers in the youth network VKONTAKTE

My own experience

As for me, I prefer to learn English at school and with a tutor.

I find these methods of learning the language as the most convenient and effective for me.

I like it when there is a teacher who corrects you in case of your mistake. This person does not allow you to learn the word wrong, or to translate a sentence poorly. With him you will try and strive to get the maximum result.

At each lesson with a tutor, I expand my knowledge of English, we go through new topics, practice my pronunciation, and repeat the different rules of the language in which many make mistakes.

Moreover, the tutor gives me additional tasks aimed at developing my language skills, for example, writing letters in English, listening in the style of dialogue, all this helps me to learn more about the language.

Despite the fact that the program of my tutor is different from the school one, the knowledge gained both at school and with a tutor is intertwined and helps me in solving English problems.

Анкета «Способы изучения английского языка»

Какой язык и сколько лет вы изучаете?


Как вы его изучаете:

-на уроках


-на сайтах

-с помощью репетитора

3. Какие сайты для изучения английского языка вы знаете?______________

4. Какими сайтами пользуетесь?_____________________________________

5. Довольны ли вы полученными знаниями? Да/Нет

6. Как вы можете улучшить свои знания английского языка?____________________________________________________________


Результаты анкетирования:

Какой язык и сколько лет вы изучаете?

Все 52 респондента ответили, что

изучают английский язык с 2 класса по настоящее время.

Как вы его изучаете:

-на уроках – 52 чел

-самостоятельно- 1

-на сайтах - 15

-с помощью репетитора – 4

3. Какие сайты для изучения английского языка вы знаете?

Респонденты указали такие сайты, как

Puzzle.ru – 5

LinguaLeo – 4

Poliglot.ru – 4

BeginEnglish.ru – 1

4. Какими сайтами пользуетесь?

Puzzle.ru – 1

LinguaLeo – 1

Poliglot.ru – 2

3000Word – 1

Не пользуются сайтами – 45

5. Довольны ли вы полученными знаниями?

Да – 41, Нет- 8, не совсем - 3

6. Как вы можете улучшить свои знания английского языка?


С помощью репетитора – 21

Работать на уроках – 10

Читать тексты – 10

Выполнять дополнительные задания – 9

При помощи сайтов – 6

Смотреть фильмы и сериалы – 3

Найти друзей за границей – 2

Практиковаться в разговорной речи-2

Не лениться -2

Делать домашние задания -1

Играть в игры на английском языке -1


Изучать английский язык необходимо начинать в школе на уроках.

При этом использовать различные сайты в интернете в помощь.

Большая часть респондентов считает достаточным изучение языка на уроках.

Улучшить свои знания можно, приложив дополнительные усилия самому различными дополнительными способами закрепления полученных навыков.

Проведенное анкетирование подтверждает нашу гипотезу о приоритетности изучения английского языка в школе на первом этапе освоения и дальнейшего углубления при помощи различных средств и методов личной мотивации к изучению.


Having visited various sites for learning English, I can say with confidence that it is much more interesting to get texting with people on social networks, but without knowledge of spelling and ways of building sentences you will hardly understand other people.

From this I can give advice on how to learn English.
I believe that it is right to combine all the ways to achieve maximum results.
While studying the language at school you get basic knowledge, which later will be fixed together with the tutor and learn new ones, and then test your knowledge with the help of sites on the Internet.

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