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Hello, let me introduced myself, I am Kristina Bykova. I am a student of class 8 of secondary school located in a small village called Narynka. I live in a two-room apartment with my mother, brother and father. We are often visited by guests.Our apartment is very small and we all feel cramped there. When my friends come to see me we have no place to play so we go outside. Sometimes I want to spend time with my friends at home. So the theme of my project is «The house of my dreams», a house, in which there will be enough rooms for everyone.

The purpose of my project: to find what kind of house suits me the best.

I am always interested in learning about new homes, which have been designed by professional architects.

I can draw well, and I study drawing at art school, and perhaps in the future I will become a famous architect. I often see beautiful photos of different houses on the Internet and wonder what kind of house I might have when I grow up. I'm curious to know how to start building houses. How is a house designed and how does a house evolve from a design on paper to a real construction? My dream is to have my own house in where everyone from my family will feel comfortable. Now I’m thinking about the material that it will be made from, what additional facilities should be available and how many floors will there be? But, I do know absolutely that my house will be a smart house and will be built from environmentally friendly materials.

The task of my work:

1. To learn the characteristics of some houses.

2. To describe the model of my own home.

The problems of my work:

1. Determine: why my own house will be better than an apartment in block of flats.

2. To make the assumption and to establish why "the house of my dreams" will be interesting for other people.

The main part:

First of all I will show you some pictures of different styled houses.

The Wooden House «Теrem»

A house, made of wood, always seems cozy and warm.Such houses are environmentally friendly.

Unbelievable house.

The House in Scandinavian style

Simplicity and naturalness – these are the hallmarks of Scandinavian style.

And recently on the Internet I saw amazing round houses and found out that their advantage is that they are erected quickly, and they are made of environmentally friendly and durable materials.

Inside the round house

Before proceeding to the topic of the project, I decided to poll my classmates.

Would they like to have their own house when they grow up or do they want to live in an apartment?


The number of participants

Would you like to live in your own house?


Would you like to live in your own flat?


Opinions are divided almost equally among my classmates. Seven students would like to have a house and eight of them would prefer to live in their own apartment. I think that students who want to live in an apartment have just never lived in

comfortable private homes. In my project I will try to persuade my classmates that to live in a house is better than in a flat.

I would like to start with a traditional Russian izba.

AnIzba is a traditional Russian house in a country area. Russian wooden izbas have not always been a single house, but can be a whole complex of buildings. All necessary things for the independent life of a big Russian family can be find there. They are living quarters and storage rooms, premises for livestock and poultry, workshops, and facilities for food in a big yard. All buildings are linked to each other to be well-protected from the weather and strangers. For a long time in Russia houses were built using only an axe. Devices such as saws and drills appeared only in the XIX century. They reduced the durability of Russian wooden houses because they let

let moisture and microorganisms enter the structure of the tree.

Metal was not used for building an izba, as it was quite expensive. The Central element of the interior of the izba, since the fifteenth century is Russian oven. Certainly I don't want to live in a traditional Russian izba, because today it is not the most comfortable dwelling. But my house will also be made of wood as it is an environmentally friendly, clean and natural material. Moreover, the house will always have a present smell of wood, which is very appeling. My own house will be similar to a Russian Terem . With today’s technology everything can exist offline in my own house. I can have a private well near the house and I will always have water. My house will be equipped with heating, electricity and gas. I can always have a back-up generator, which is necessary under extraordinary circumstances.

My house will be two-storey with three bathrooms.

On the ground floor there will be a kitchen that seamlessly moves into the living room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms for guests. On the first floor there will be rooms only for my family. There will be two children's rooms, a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room on the first floor where we will gather as a family to watch TV or play board games.

There will be fireplaces on both ground floor and the first floor in my house. The fireplaces will give comfort to my home; and in addition, they will heat the house well. In my private house I can always turn on music loud, whenever I want.

I will not be afraid that my neighbors will feel uncomfortable. In my yard I can build a playground for my future children and install a pool. I will also invite guests for holidays because there will be enough space for everyone.

None of this can happen happen if you live in your own apartment. An apartment limits your space and you need to remember that you live near neighbors.

Today's technologies allow building any house of your dreams. To make it happen, I need to study well.


The main advantage of a house is silence. The remoteness of neighbors is also positive in the case of holidays. There will be no problem with parking: each member of the family can have a private place for a car. In your own home you have your own land.

This means that you can do what you want: to build a car park, a garage, a sauna, or grow flowers. With a competent home improvement, it can be fully self-contained: heating, water, electricity – all your own. There are no hot water outages, or interruptions in heating.

As a property owner, you are the only owner of the apartment. All the rest: children's playground, parking,canalization are all total.

Furthermore, clean air is another advantage of your own home.

It's all home. An apartment will not give you this freedom.

In my opinion, to have your own home is much more practical and functional than your own apartment. I think that, with your own house you can build only on the basis of your own preferences and desires, using your own plan. In an apartment you can't change to your own desires, because there is an existing apartment project.

Maybe someday, I'll be the best architect of modern times, and people will build houses based on my projects.

Thank you for your attention.

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