Толерантность и Мир

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Толерантность и Мир

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To begin with, I’m much concerned of the state of the modern society, that is appearing interrelations between human beings. Sometimes I notice that some persons may be aggressive, rude and unjust towards the people that differ from them. I’m convinced that solving the problem of tolerance is of great importance. So, I decided that the name of my project will be “Tolerance and World”. I’ve chosen this topic because it`s actual and rather exciting. Tolerance is necessary for normal life of all people, their happiness and construction of their prosperous future.


I guess the world is complex for cognition and understanding frankly speaking. There are lots of convictions, points of views, opinions, which may be different from each other. Taking the abovesaid in consideration sometimes people can hardly understand others and arising feelings may contradict and bring harm in general. That’s why one should know about the necessary tolerance and one must apply it in one’s life. So the main problem of tolerance is to introduce it in one’s mind and to teach the people how to react rightly to great varieties of the world.

All in all, the general task of my project is getting to know the meaning of tolerance in our society.


I will take the modern society and analyze relationships between people. I would like to know how tolerance ties individuals, the groups of human beings and even countries.


As for me, I have chosen the following methods for analyzing the problem:

Searching information of the problem of tolerance in the Internet

Interviewing people of different ages.


I’m absolutely convinced that we can solve this problem in the following way:

To draw constant attention of everybody to tolerance and intolerance in our society.

To organize special lectures and lessons for people to know new information on tolerant during different lessons.

To contact more and more with people having other nationality, religious belief, ideology and with those who have different external features

It’s reasonable to bring up tolerance in children from the early age


Presently in general people all over the world suffer much from such terrifying disasters as regional wars, discrimination according different features, violence and criminal cases, segregation, etc.

To my mind the foresaid social phenomena destroy the individuals of the modern society. They slow its progress and bring great sorrow for victims of intolerance.

What are their reasons?

From my point of view the main reasons are like follows:

Social injustice and inequality

Vices of societies

Bundling power of money and aspiration for total control

Taking into consideration the abovementioned I consider that tolerance must be the clue and the method of solving these difficult vital problems.

7 ) To begin with - what tolerance is?

According to the definition of the Organization of the United Nations:

Tolerance is an act of humanity, which we must nurture and enact each in own lives every day, to rejoice in the diversity that makes us strong and the values that bring us together”.

Tolerance permits human beings to exist in this world and to be different from each other irrespectively they have this or that color of skin. It must result in stable harmony between all religious confessions. Any political or ethnic groups must have equal rights. All kinds of culture of all nations must be equivalent and worthy of

respect. The people all over the world should live in peace and cooperation. Neither the language nor convictions must not prevent mutual friendship.

From my point of view, tolerance must be one of the essential laws of normal life in the modern society for every individual. It’s important to know that tolerance isn’t the feeling of indifference of people to each other but it is the true respect of a man for the right of the other person. Tolerance is one of the problems for upbringing and development of individuals.

By the way, we know that the war is the prominent example of extreme intolerance. It’s incredible that people may kill each other, taking away the main right of a man – the right for life.

Lots of terrible and bloody wars took place in the history of mankind. Unfortunately, we remember very well about horrifying crimes of Hitler and his troops towards different nations. He hated the representatives of almost all nations and considered the Germans to be the best nation. Such attitude is intolerant indeed.

The awful phenomenon as terrorism is intolerance as well. Radical religion and other views serve as the motive of extreme actions. The terrorists try to frighten and to impose their own convictions.

In 2002, the terroristic act happened during the performance the “Nord-Ost”. The aim of Chechenian terrorists was to blow up the public in the hall. This tragedy was followed by numerous sacrifices.


Intolerance is the antipode of tolerance appearing in different forms in modern life.

The antipode of tolerance is non-acceptance of different views of an opponent and rejection of humanity rights.

I totally agree with our Russian mathematician and philosopher Y.A. Shreyder that there are many kinds of threats for the mankind such as natural, atomic and thermal catastrophies, invasions and so on. The most important for the mankind is saving humanity under different circumstances.


First of all, as we know, every person develops as a personality just within social structures. This is the society that determines such useful feature as tolerance. Therefore, the state of society influences greatly on development of the positive qualities of any human being.

Unfortunately, the society sometimes fails to create favourable conditions for its every member. Our physical and mental growth preferably forms from the days of childhood. The child inherits and tries to repeat some actions and behavior of his parents. If parents, for example, demonstrate intolerance towards people of another skin or nationality, then their children may hate somebody too. It seems to me that direct children’s relatives serve as the model of behavior in general.

Besides, the role of school is great because tolerance may be taught by good teachers in different educational situations. An important task of every teacher is to explain how to think and to behave oneself rightly.


How to reach tolerance in the society and all over the world?

I’m aware the mankind is tired of all-destroying intolerance. I consider the new generation must be taught by the main principles basing on tolerance. I suggest the following things:

Rejection of violence.

It is prohibited to reach the settlement of contradictions by force. It means that one should not threaten and not to use power.

Capability of urging oneself

Paying respect to other people`s rights one should follow the obligatory rules of the human society strictly.

Acceptance of another person having different views

One should try to accept and understand another human being having different views.

Submission to laws and traditions

Good laws propose ideal notions for individuals, there are many good things in national traditions.

In order to understand the situation with tolerance in our society I decided to interview the people of different age. Three questions were asked to them, that is:

How do you understand the notion “tolerance”?

How do you think, if tolerance is necessary presently?

Are you a tolerant person?

One of the answers was like this:

According to my own opinion, tolerance is ability to understand everyone despite on his or her age, gender and another personal features”.

I’m sure that nowadays we need tolerance especially. I even can’t realize how people are able to insult someone else because of his or her own preferences and features – it’s awful for me! Tastes differ”.

c) “Yes, I consider myself to be a tolerant person. Frankly speaking, I would like to see tolerant people around us as more as possible”.

To tell the truth, I was greatly impressed by their answers. It’s nice that people understand importance of tolerance in our society. But some junior pupils were embarrassed by these questions. They didn’t understand the significance of tolerance.

As a result, I guess we must pay more and more attention to the problem of tolerance because there is a great number of people with peculiarities.


Problems of tolerance and intolerance (they are interrelated) still actually in our world. It’s impossible to develop the progress of society without tolerance. Additionally, there will be no peace, just misunderstanding between people, conflicts, injustice and wars. Therefore, the importance of tolerance is invaluable indeed.

From the political point of view, it’s quite necessary to struggle for peace all over the world and to ennoble the human beings.

The main task of our times is to explain that intolerance is a bad thing contrary to tolerance. We should up-bring our children according to the principles of tolerance. I would like to site Pierre Baille, the French philosopher: “Tolerance is the source of peace, absence of tolerance is the source of confusion and disorders”.




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